Invisible Wraith's Custom GI Joe Figures
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Capt. Falcon: Infantry
Cover Girl: Counter INtelligence
Cover Girl: (Woodlands)/Armor
Clutch: Mechanic
Crawlspace: INfiltration
Misfit: Computer Surveillence
Snake-eyes: Commando
Barrel Roll: High Altitude Sniper
Cross Hair: Sniper
Scanner: Computer Analysis
Shockwave: SWAT
Hi-Tech: Operations Support Specialist
Dusty: Desert Trooper
Faces: Infiltration
Shipwreck: Chief Petty Officer
Shipwreck: Navy SEAL
Topside: Naval Assault Trooper
Wet-Suit: Navy SEAL

Airborne: Airborne Assault Trooper new
Billy: Ninja
Flint: Executive Officer
Hawk: GI Joe Commanding Officer
Lady Jaye: Intelligence Officer
Firewall: Computer Expert

Independant Agents
XIII: Espionage

Special Teams: Night Creepers

Tomax & Xamot: Crimson Guard Commanders
Interrogator: Psyche-OPs
Scorpius: Enhanced Desert Trooper
Apteryx: Glider Pilot
Firefly: Saboteur
Razorclaw: Enhanced Edged Weapons Expert
Hot Wire- BAT Mechanic
Electric EEL: Specialized UDT
Overkill Mk 1: Cyborneticly Enhanced Trooper
Venomous: Genetically Engineered Super-Soldier

Iron Grenadiers
Metal Head: Anti-Vehicle Specialist
Scrap-Iron: Anti-Armor Specialist
Destro: COBRA Weapons Supplier
Alexander McCullen: Iron Grenedier Officer
Frost: Serpents Executive Officer
Frost: Sniper
new Lynx: Computer Systems Expert
new Lynx: Arctic Uniform

Zarana: Dreadnok Leader: Chicago Branch
Zartan: Dreadnok Leader
Zartan: Infiltration and Espionage

The Ultimates
new The Black Widow: Natasha Romanov
new Hulk: Dr. Robert Bruce Banner
new Hawkeye: Clint Barton
new Iron Man: Dr. Anthony Stark
new Thor: Unknown
new Captain America: Steve Rogers
new General Nicholas Fury
new Wasp: Janet Pym
new Black Panther: T'Challa


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