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Lady Jaye
Lady Jaye
Lady Jaye
Lady Jaye

Codename: Lynx
Filename: Morrow, Alyssa Lillian
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Citizenship: Great Britain

Computers have gotten Lynx in and out of trouble since her teens. In high school, she hacked the school records and charged students to change their grades. When the cheerleading captain made the mistake of crossing Lynx, she changed the girl’s record so it showed she failed three classes and was booted from the team. The authorities eventually caught up with her, but she convinced them that by arresting her, several documents that the chief of police and mayor wouldn’t want made public would be released. Her ploy bought her enough time to get a one way ticket to Europe.

Cutting her way through Europe’s computer information highway, she attracted the attention of both law enforcement and the underworld alike, both groups either wanting to hire her, arrest her, or execute her. Staying one step ahead of her pursuers, she encountered a hacker named Rashid in Rome. Rashid, the lead computer expert to James McCullen Destro had been charged with finding a replacement as Destro was placing Rashid in a management position at MARS.

The young hacker intrigued Destro, who realized she could go places his men could not go and her knowledge of the underworld was unparalleled. Her record was doctored to make her a citizen in good standing of Great Britain and she was trained in espionage and combat by the best Destro had: his assassin and bodyguard, Frost.

Someone told me the Joe’s computer expert thinks he’s some sort of computer ninja". If that’s so, I’m the Dark Lady of the $%^*ing Sith."