Rock N Roll
I've had this figure done for probably about 5 or 6 months.  I've wanted to make him lonoger than that, but I kept running into idea problems.  First I didn't know what to use for his head (then Hollowpoint came out in the Built to Rule set.  Then I didn't know what to use for his bullet straps, until I looked at the 2nd version of Rock N Roll and saw that he had regular gear straps around his chest.  I went about making those from the Bandoloier that came with JvsC Dusty.  When I saw the Roadblock waist I knew that big belt with the star on it was definatley more Rock n Roll the Roadblock.  I was finally able to get a hold of another Dart figure and that brought the figure togeather.
I obviously based my idea off of the Devils Due version or Rock N Roll.  I followed my own idea with the legs and boots though.  I've tried to make all of the original Joes have similiar pieces to them.  that usually ends up being the upper legs, waist or the lower legs and boots.

Head-Hollowpint Built to Rule
Arms-JvsC Duke
Upper legs-Grunt
Lower legs-Dart
Bandlolier straps-JvsC Dusty with various pouches from Spy troops
Hand gun holster-Leatherneck Defense Mech Driver